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Thank you to all my clients and welcome to all my new ones!!!

I want to send a huge thank you to each and every one of my clients who have given me the opportunity to be a party of their children’s birthday celebrations, their corporate events, their family BBQ’s and reunions, wedding showers and stagettes, Christmas parties, Halloween planning or ‘just because’ parties! I am entering my third year of business and it is because of each of you. I was going through my contact list to organize it and I am beginning to recognize many of your names and your children’s names. To be invited back into your homes year after year is a great compliment and so again THANK You!

2013 was an incredible year for me! I have built a fantastic team of eight brilliant and talented artists, added new services, established some great partnerships, grew my client base, won some pretty cool awards, signed some exciting corporate clients and become a preferred face painter for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. The only way any of that could have happened is if I had the opportunity to continue to build my business. I get to do what I love to do because of you!

I am looking forward to an even more exciting 2014! In the new year, I plan to continue (or work harder) at sending out regular newsletters with deals and promotions. I will continue to use the subjust line to give you as much information as possible as to the content of the email. I am changing the format of my webpage and my home page will take on the shape of a blog so that's where i will put the latest news of where you can find us near you!

Thanks again for your support the few years have a GREAT 2014!!!!!

Kindest Regards,

Natalie :)

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